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once you have a panic attack, can the symptoms like chest tightness, arm numbness and loss of appetite last for days after??


To give you the simple answer – yes, symptoms like chest tightness, numbness, loss of appetite or even some other signs like higher levels of anxiety can last for few days after you experienced panic attack.

The main reason for this is that one panic attack, in most cases, causes the fear that the same thing will happen again, not to mention that you still remain in some state of stress after panic attack happens. For how long will these symptoms last after the panic attack happened, depends mostly on the reason which triggered it: if it was cause by some extremely stressful event chances are that symptoms will slowly subside if you are addressing the problem that caused it. But, if you just wait and don’t get any form of help, there is a chance that the fear of next panic attack will make these symptoms last for longer than they should.