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my friend has staph and has been given...sulfamethoxazole and clindamycin...and she wants to know if she takes a aderol or a vicoden on these drugs will it effect there healing process...i know alcohol and sulfame dont mix well and it will make the antibiotic not as potent


Sulfamethoxazole is a good example of an antibiotic that should really never be mixed with alcohol. Taking antibiotics with alcohol does not usually reduce the efficacy of the antibiotic regimen itself, but since you take antibiotics only when you are fighting a bacterial infection, your body is weaker at this time and drinking can slow the healing process down and be bad for your liver, since antibiotics are also processed there. 

I am not sure about Adderall and Vicodin together with antibiotics. This is really a case of, your friend should ask her doctor. I find it hard to believe that she wasn't given instructions about it anyway. You should always discuss possible drugs you are taking with your doctor when you're prescribed something new, because some of them interact.