Hi, I'm really hoping someone out there can help me or at least relate. I'm a 19 year old female. Not sexually active, still a virgin. I've been experiencing crotch irritation for the past 2 years. For the 1st year, my Dr. did a culture and diagnosed me with a yeast infection. This was unfortunately the 1st of many apparently. Throughout the year, it kept coming back. She prescribed me countless amounts of creams, Diflucane, and one time, even an anti-fungle spray. All of those treatments seemed to help for a little, but within two weeks or so the burning would come back. She also did many more cultures and urine tests which all came back fine. I then started to not have menstrual cycles for about 7 months. I should probably mention I'm a runner. My Dr said since you're an avid runner this could be linked to why you're not having menstrual cycles but my dr did some blood work anyway. Testing for diabetes, thyroid, and hormone levels. Everything came back normal but I was still burning. My primary care Doc gave up and recommended an OBGYN. Which now enters the 2nd year of this miserable journey. My OBGYN suspected I probably had bacterial vaginosis and prescribed me metro gel. Which didn't help at all. However she did do a culture that day, which I later found out the results didn't even show anything abnormal, such as bacterial vaginosis or even yeast. During my back and forth visits to my OBGYN, she got me on birth control to jump start my periods, estrace (estrogen cream) and sent me to get an ultrasound done. They didn't find anything wrong or unusual during the ultrasound. My OBGYN then did a urine test and did find small amounts of bacteria called Beta Strep and I think E-Coli (I do know how to wipe, front to back) So at this point, I have a UTI. Makes sense I guess, a lot of the stinging/burning feeling is at the urethra, after I urinate. My Dr prescribed me Penicillen to kick the UTI, recommended probiotics and cranberry pills. Which I've been taking religiously. However I did stop the birth control after 3 months. I read that birth control can sometimes cause Yeats infections or UTI's since it's a hormonal change. I wanted to avoid any potential reasons this curse would come back. Fortunately I had my period without being on birth control. Guess that's one good thing my body can do on its own, right?? Anyway, I still feel burning/stinging after I pee. My OBGYN basically said there's not much I can do now, we've tried everything, you should see a urologist. I saw the urologist, we did another urine test, the results came back fine (small amounts of bacteria but she says that's fairly normal) Did an exam, she said everything was fine. She doesn't think it's a UTI. She thinks it my nerve endings down there. So she prescribed me a steroid cream and phenazopyridine. The urologist wants to see me back in two weeks. She seems hopeful and encouraging. That this discomfort will be long gone and in the past. I'm hoping I get better soon! *Side notes: I was told by my OBGYN not to use any soaps while washing myself down there. I have stopped shaving. I also wear cotton undies and wear wick drying running shorts when running. Just thought I'd share my story, hoping for feedback. Maybe someone has an idea or has been through something similar.