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I am day four post hemorrhoidectomy and am experiencing significant vaginal bleeding in addition to rectal bleeding. Is this normal? Anyone else experienced this? All the pain is rectal, no vaginal pain, just bleeding.


I did not really have vaginal bleeding, just some minor spotting. since I had Hysterectomy about 7 months before hemorrhoidectomy it was probably still healing from that. are you soaking a maxi pad in less than an hour? If yes call you're doctor or go to ER just to be sure. I am now about 12 weeks post hem. Surgery and doing really well. The first two weeks are really rough but it does get better. Try to avoid products with ibuprofen as that can increase bleeding. I also found ice packs to be a lifesaver. Just wrap it in a thin towel to avoid direct contract with skin down there.  Also important not to strain during bowel movements so drink plenty water after, take stool,softeners and a laxative, and eat high fiber diet.  Hang in there, the end result is with it.