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Hey all,

I had unprotected sex(sooo stupid, I know), but not even 18 hours later my vagina was discolored(blue-purple) and there are these light, flesh colored dots running up both sides. Some of them are a little red around the cluster, but the others are just little dots. I call them dots because tthey don't feel like they're elevated at all. :( From what I know about STDs it takes at least 2 days or more for any to show up. I'm pretty scared by this, I have no idea what it is. It also looks like a yeast infection, my vagina's producing this white discharge... I'm not sure, though. Help, please?


I had a similar experience a while ago and I called my doctor’s office’s advice nurse. She told me it was just a yeast infection and to get medicine at the store, take as directed, and it will go away. I did that and it didn’t go away. I made a doctor’s appt and had a doctor actually look at it. It was 10 days from the first signs and the doctor said it was the worst case of herpes she had ever seen. Someone got fired… lol

But I say don’t chance it and don’t wait! Your body is telling you something is wrong and as hard and embarrassing it was to use the word STD when I made the appt and talk to the nurse and doctor, I needed professional help. If you have a planned parenthood near by, I would say call them. If money is an issue and you have no insurance and talking to your parents is not an option, go to the ER. They treat first, ask payment later but it is very expensive to go that route. But PLEASE, take care of yourself and see a professional. With those symptoms, I can’t think of anything over the counter that can fix that. I’m guessing you need anti-biotics. I swear my symptoms started within hours of the intercourse. Listen to your body, sweetheart! And don’t beat yourself up for letting it happen. It’s actually really common and most STDs that have such visible and fast appearance often are not HIV so… that’s good!