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“Its just a headache, I’ll take an aspirin and I’ll be fine”, “ don’t worry, I rigorously worked out today so muscles are just sore, an ice pack will heal it in a jiffy.” These are just a few of the excuses you sometimes here from your husband or father.
They are making excuses not because they are lazy but because they just don’t want to go to the doctors.

According to experts, this is one of the main reasons men why men are more inclined towards acquiring some or the other form of sickness and hence die at a younger age than women. Also the survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, states that men don't use the health care system as often as women do; in fact, they're twice as likely to have gone two or more years without contact with a physician.

So, why the reluctance?

According to the American Journal of Public Health, the waiting time involved in going to visit a doctor for a routine check up is the main reason why men don’t eventually land up at the doctors. The actual reasons are more than that.

A survey conducted required that men should select the appropriate reason/reasons why they don’t like to go to the doctor, this is what the figures suggest;
  • I only go to the doctor if I am extremely sick: 36%
  • I am healthy, I have no reason to go to a doctor: 23%
  • I prefer to treat myself naturally: 12%
  • I don't have time to go to the doctor: 12%
  • I don't have health insurance: 11%
  • I don't like doctors: 8%
  • I am afraid of finding out that something is wrong with me: 7%
  • I don't know of a good doctor in my area: 4%
An appalling 39% of the men said that nothing prevented them from going to the doctor!

“Can happen tomorrow” attitude

A recent poll in 2007 found that 92 percent of men like to wait at least a few days to see if they feel better first before heading to the clinic. Unfortunately, this “can happen tomorrow” keeps on and ultimately leads to “will happen in future”. This leads to exceptional delay before seeking proper treatment.

We are tough

Many of the health professionals link the poorer health conditions of men to their attitude to take risks. Men are more likely to “tough out” illness, because admitting to illness equals to weakness according to the male mentality. They prioritize work over treatment and very rarely discuss their health issues with someone else.

Masculinity is lost

Many men feel that going to the Doctor is a chick thing, but one has to remember that eventually women live longer. It’s true that waiting rooms are scattered with magazines that are mainly aimed at women folks but many of the medical assistants and physicians are men.

There just isn’t the time

Most men log in extra hours at the office – I mean who wouldn’t, with the competition at the workplace growing and targets needing to be reached, weekend meetings and post six working is a must. Men are using this as an excuse to avoid visiting the doctor, but all it takes is 30 minutes for a visit and that not impossible. Or you can just find a doctor near your office that you can go to during the lunch break.

It means giving in to your nagging wife

It is true that women nag their husbands/dads over petty issues, but nagging for a good reason needs to be understood. It is eventually for your own good so don’t get embarrassed.

I have not yet been hit with a disease

So what? It is better to prevent the onset of a disease than to find the right treatment option to cure it. Visiting a doctor for a routine check-up is no harm if you want to lead  a healthy and sickness-free life in future.


In a recent poll it was shown that almost 7 percent of men admitted that they did not want to go see a doctor because they were afraid of finding out something was wrong with them. This denial can lead to severe consequences which may be difficult to cure in the future.

These are just a few of reasons why men don't go for regular doctor visits, but there are equal reasons why they should.

Prevention is better than cure

A routine check-up will detect any early signs of dreaded diseases like colon, prostate and even testicular cancer that may affect even young men. So don’t wait for the symptoms to get worse to go to your general physician.

Daily habits could cause long time harm

Men spend 15 hours per week watching television but less than 5 hours exercising. Habits like these could put you at the risk of metabolic disorders that can harm the entire system. Diseases like cardiovascular and diabetes don’t just occur out of the blue, it is the result of constant engagement in bad habits. So the heart attack you get when your 50 may be the end result of your adolescent years.

You never know what diseases you may be harbouring

If you do not visit the doctor you may not be aware that you have diabetes until you get a stroke or are a victim of night blindness due to diabetes. If you wait for your first diabetic check-up in your fifties, you may already be on the verge of night blindness.

You need to treat yourself like you treat your car

every man takes utmost care of his car whether it may be a BMW or a regular one, but when it comes to taking care of his body he can go on for years without caring for it. This I where they go wrong, if only men pay more attention to their bodies and their health like they do to their cars will they reap the benefits of a healthy future.

Regular consultation with the family doctor is a must and men must understand this fact. Keeping inhibitions aside walking into the doctor’s clinic will help you lead a tension-free and healthy life.

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