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I've been shaving for a while now down in that area, but these 2 red bumps seem to have been there a while..They were bumps rather, but now are flat just kind of reddish discolored dots. Only 2 and they don't itch or hurt, but are unsightly..I really need to know how to remove them..They are not on the penis, just above in the crotch area.

Thanks for advice.


These dots are an indication that you have damaged the pubic skin. To get rid of them you must rub them with a special cream you can prepare at home. Take two tablespoons of corn starch, and one tablespoon of water. You have to mix the liquid in a container, until it is grayish and dense. NExt, with your fingers you rub the cream over the two red dots, use as much cream as you can. You need about a 1/8 inch (2-4mm) layer of cream on the dots. NExt wait for the cream to dry. It will form a grayish dry layer on the dots. NExt remove the layer. It should peel off easily. You will notice that the bottom of the layer has white ooze on it. That is the substance that caused the dots. In about an hour the dots will be gone. Good luck.