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Hi my name is daquon I'm 21 yrs old, 6,1 and 155lbs. For the past 2 months i've been experiencing headaches that won't go away. First I will hear this constant bell in my ears (sounds like a dog whistle) then my temples start pulsing and it feels like a rush in my head and I get a little bit dizzy causing me to take ibuprofen daily just to calm it down. But that's not all , my other symptoms are tingling in my hands and fingers and I get sharp pains in my chest and back aches. I have no clue of what it could be and I have no medical so going to the doctors is kind of put on hold. I get scared and start thinking if I can actually die from this because I haven't experienced something like this that's on going for this period of time. Prior to this my left eye sometimes get this pressure like somebody is poking their thumb on my eye lid. My family has history of diabetes and high blood pressure that i know of. Is there any explanation or reasons to the symptoms that I'm feeling and the best answer on what i should do?


Hi Daquon,

Get your blood pressure checked. It can account for almost all your symptoms, including the chest pains and tingling hands. If it is high, you'll need to get it under control. It is called the "silent killer" because a lot of people do not have symptoms, you do.

Start with the BP, Let us know what it is and we can go from there.

Good luck, keep us posted.