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So, I usually would never ask anyone about this, but I REALLY need some answers. Recently I became VERY ill. Infact, I was sick the entire summer months of 2010. I had a lot of weird symptoms, but some of them were:

- Coughing
- Numbness in entire body
- Major Fatique
- Sore Throat
- Swollen Face and Throat
- Bone and body aches
- Headaches
- Constant Low Grade Fever
- Loss of appetite
- Dizziness & loss of balance
- Slow breathing

and so on. After the virus finally left, some of the symptoms remained. Infact, more started to occur. I haven't checked for fever lately, but can say that I'm still dealing with

- SERVE headaches that feel much different that normal headaches. It feels like pounds of bricks rest on my head and my head is really heavy. Then there are these waves of pain that like rush through my skull. I often have cluster headaches too and normal ones.

- 2 BIG lumps on the top, left side of my skull? I felt my parents heads, and their skull "bones" aren't as big as these. The right side of my head has much, much smaller bones also than the left.

- MAJOR fatique. I'm out of breath walking to my room and back to the living room.

- Red and white dots under the skin?

- Bone and joint pain

- My lungs feel heavy? This is weird to me since about a month ago I just had a chest x-ray and everything was okay.

- It's VERY hard for me to stay focused and thinking properly.

- Dizzy and loss of balance

- A random bruise on my leg? Maybe this sounds like useless info, but I REALLY don't remember hitting my leg..

- Appetite loss

- Slow breathing

- Heavy feeling in my body?

Anyway, these are my symptoms that I hope someone can really help me with! I've been waiting FOREVER for an appointment at Children's, but now just found out that I have to wait until 2 more months. I hope someone can at least just give me a guess to what I'm dealing with. I have my ideas, but then again, I'm only a teen. Please help and reply soon! Thanks SOO much. (:


sorry but i have no idea what you have
BUT there is a site called diagnose me which has a questionaire you can do
there are literally over a hundred questions i think but it deals with everything from your diet to how well you can see
it takes a while to do it and it takes a few hours to get a reply back, but it'll happen before the two months of waiting for the doctor's over
in the reply you get back, it has things that you are likely to have
i'm not sure how accurate it is, but it might give you an idea of what you have