I came across this web site after trying to get updated warnings for Lyrica and Cymbalta and to see if a class action law suit has been filed. To make a long story short while taking both drugs for fybro. and mild depression due to the fybro, I began about a three year ride on what I call a very sick, wicked, emotional roller coaster. Not only did I have my original problems but a whole new host of even more debilitating symptoms. In the winter of 2008 about 2 weeks before Christmas, I reached a point of despair that I never dreamed could be possible. I attempted suicide by drug over dose. I woke up 3 days later in ICU on a ventilator. I was made to under go a mental evalution by being committed to an institution against my will. I had no previous history of phsychiatric problems other than depression. I was released after six days because they let me out a day early due to the fact that their was no evidence of my needing to be there.
I want to say this very carefully. To the person who suggested that God is the answer, you are right. He is the only reason I am alive today and because of Him I was able to come off of both drugs against my doctors wishes and with out any mortals help.
Having gone through the experience I have with the illness and effects of the drugs that as you said, and I quote. " were supposed to help me," I think I along with others who know more about what we are dealing with have a little more grasp on what needs to be done. I do not want someone else to go through what I have been through. I don't want another family to go through what mine has been through.
The warnings and education to the patients are not enough to help them make a decision that could or could not cost you your life. In fact I was never warned verbally. Think about people who can't read or don't have the mental capacity to really understand the warnings. God gave man the wisdom to become doctors and scientist. That does'nt mean that they will always get it right. We as the trusting consumers are simple speaking out and saying hey, something is wrong with these products. Evidentally they are not listening. Speaking of costing someone. My husband and I pay $300.00 a week for our health insurance. I was spending on average $400.00 a month for these medications not to mention doctors co-pays. Don't forget my hospital bills and therepy bills as a result of these drugs and the fact that I am still having lasting side effects even though I am off these drugs.
I appreciate you wanting to encourage people to seek God. Oh, what a wonderful world this would be if more people would turn to Jesus, casting all their cares on Him because He does care for us. Please, know that even people who do seek God are not going to be exempt from sickness, tribulation and problems because we are still living in this world full of it and it does not neccessarily mean you've done something wrong or sinned to bring it about. Consider Job in the bible. Next time please keep in mind that the bible tells us in Matt. 7 that we are not to judge one another lest we be judged and with the same measure of judgement you use, it will be dealt again to you. Instead we are to pray one for another and provoke one :'( another in love not anger. There is alot more to this than what I feel I can begin to share especially where these drug companies are concerned. From what I can gather this storm is not something that just popped up but, has been brewing for years. Alot of desperate human lives have been lost due to these poweful mind altering drugs. If they are not willing to listen to the consumers and take a closer look at the evidence, then they must be held accountable!

With All Sincerety, Very Concerned