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:cry: Hi...
My name is (blah-blah)

I am married to my highschool sweetheart of 10 yrs married since Valentines of this year. We have a beautiful 3yr old daughter and now we're expecting again after we didnt think that we could have anymore children. Ladies/Gents I just dont know what to do anymore. My husband is never home when he is he's always on the computer or comes home in the early mornings. Im just so down, I cry everyday...its like he doesn't understand that Im begging him to be around his priorities are all screwed up...1st MONEY, 2nd MUSIC, 3rd RELIGION, and of course last family. We have been married of course since Valentines and it has been a roller minute we are okay and the next it's I WANT A DIVORCE. He is so childish...I cook, clean, take care of the baby, most of the bills, there for him when I need him. Yes, I know everyone is like why do you take care of most of the bills...well he got into some trouble years ago when he of course was Cheating so it has been hard for him to get a decent job so he works at a resteraunt making minimum wage. I feel that if I want God to forgive me of my sins I need to forgive others, which I did. Well he might have stopped cheating but this marriage thing I dont feel will last to even our 1st anniversary. I put so much effort into this that Im tired of it, I don't even want to be intimate anymore because of the way he is. He acts like a momma's boy, when he goes out he never wants to give me a time, he always saying Im acting like his momma if I'm just asking him that or even asking simple questions...I finally said I can't take this anymore and told him to heart is hurting especially since we're expecting another baby...I cry everyday, my daughter tries to cheer me up but im just so down I can't...I've called a few lawyers about seperation/divorce and just cannot afford it at the moment. We have talked some but his attitude is I dont respect him so he's not coming home until I do...I really dont think that he is willing to change so I just cant do this anymore. I don't feel love, respect, cared about, anything...I want to feel like I'm his wife and not some girl that he just met had sex with got pregnant and doesn't care at all...Im hurting so badly, Im praying hard to God, Divorce was not an option for me before I got married now my opionion have changed. In the Bible, God's word is seperate for a short time but come back together. It hurts me when I walk in the stores or just wherever and I see happy couples with children etc it breaks me down to know that I am married but my husband doesn't care anything about me...its like Im his mother for him to be taken cared of... :cry: :cry:


I am sorry you are having to go through these marriage problems while being pregnant! That is just too much for one person to handle, especially with the hormones and the new life that is on its way!

I don't know what I can say that will make you feel better, but I did want to share that I have been divorced for a few years now. It felt like my world was caving in on itself at the time, like I was doing my kids the worst disservice ever, and like I'd never be happy again. It didn't turn out that way. I feel so very good as a single parent right now. My ex and I are much better exes than partners, and I have a great boyfriend who is so much more compatible with me. 

Sometimes the hardest patches in life lead to the most liberating "ever afters". I know it's trite and it doesn't feel like it now, but that doesn't make it any less true.