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For those looking for a booster to help them get rid of the few extra pounds after the holidays, the government is setting out warnings against nearly 30 weight-loss products that had been found to contain unlisted and possibly dangerous ingredients.

The products in question are: Fatloss Slimming, 2 Day Diet, 3x Slimming Power, 5x Imelda Perfect Slimming, 3 Day Diet Japan Lingzhi, 24 Hours Diet, 7 Diet Day/Night Formula, 7 Day Herbal Slim, 8 Factor Diet, 999 Fitness Essence, Extrim Plus and GMP.

All the pills are advertised as "natural" fat busters or innovative "herbal" remedies from Asia.

However, the FDA warned that these products contained unlisted ingredients, including powerful appetite-suppressing drugs and a suspected carcinogen. FDA lab testing proved the products to be a public hazard and to pose health risks due to the exceeded maximum recommended dosages of undeclared ingredients and in some cases prescription drugs that were not even listed on the labels.

The products were found to contain sibutramine, a powerful appetite suppressant that's a chemical cousin of amphetamines. Sibutramine can cause heart attacks, strokes, heart palpitations and other problems.

Some contain phenolphthalein, a chemical long used as a laxative, but which is now being withdrawn from the market because of cancer risks.

Since these supplements do not list the dangerous ingredients, consumers have no way of knowing that these products contain powerful drugs that can cause serious health consequences.

The FDA is considering criminal charges against some of the companies, because they have not responded to requests for recalls.


It is time that the FDA passes rule that would require diet pill manufacturers to list all the ingredients in their products. I am wondering if the unlisted harmful ingredients may have been responsible for many of the mystery symptoms that some consumers had experienced.