Panic attacks, Malase , High BP, high cholesterol , insonmia, always scared . I thought that after quitting cold turkey for my Kids, that I would have been ok. I"m now on day 26 and visited the ER 4 times for shortness of breath. Did ecg it was fine , but my cholestetol is high and my BP is horrible, as was the case before stopping. I am now exercising and eating better , but still dizziness and taking BP tablets plus lexotan to control my anxiety. Help me pls , I am in an emotional and mental mess as I don't know how to relax plus I am always jittery for every pain I get in my body. Can some one just tell me that I can survive this period and get my health back. Im 35 over weight and in a bad physical condition ( 330lbs)/6-3ft. I smoked a pack a day for 19 years with binge drinking consistently. Please help?