So this last month I've had some weird stuff going on in starting to think I'm pregnant but don't wanna put it in my head if I'm not ... to start it off I've always had a regular period 7 days a week cramps so bad to where I would be in a ball and throwing up because of the pain my last period was the April 30th 2017 I had little to no cramps I was able to use a tampon on the first day and it only lasted 3 days shortly after I noticed I was having to urinate about every hour . I started eating a lot more I thought it was just me being bored eating (cause we all do this) but I'm having actual hunger pains and certain smells have made me gag... I don't normally poop but once a week that's what's normal for me but I've noticed I've been using the bathroom more and 2 times out of 48 hours I had diarrhea and now I'm constipated I've experienced hot flashes..i just really wanna know what's going on my next period is at the end of this month and normally about 2 days before I start I get sore boobs but they haven't stopped being swollen and hurting since my last period could I be pregnant and is it to soon to test?