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Hello, I was just wondering if this is something to be concerned about. I know why it's there, and I know it's just s tear or something like that. Now, the reason it's there is because two nights ago me and my girlfriend were having phone sex so naturally I was masturbating during, it took me an hour to climax (Fairly normal for me) but then the next morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom I realized that there is a small patch on my foreskin that was red and looked like "Raw" skin. I just assume I "Rubbed myself raw" and this is an effect of that. I shouldn't be concerned should I? The patch had scabbed over a bit yesterday but is now healing up pretty well. Does this mean I shouldn't go so long or should I just try to be a little more carefull?


You're correct. You "Rubbed it raw".

1. Cut back on the amount of time you spend masturbating and use lube.
2. Wait for it to heal before you masturbate or have sex.