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So, I'm 14 years old and will turn 15 in a few months, recently I've started masturbating, however the foreskin of my penis would never fully retract, this sorted itself out after a few weeks, but now that I'm able to retract the foreskin I noticed two things, one, the head of the penis was attached to the bottom of my foreskin, I later found that this was normal, however I also noticed that on the top, there was a bit of the foreskin that was attached directly to the head, almost stuck, it was really uncomfortable so I decide that I should try and separate them, so rather than just tugging I sort of gently pushed them apart, it was fine until the very last bit which took a bit of skin from the head with it, now it stings and aches a little, should I be concerned? Also I noticed that during masturbation, I would climax, which I know is normal, but nothing would come out, and then straight after like a few minutes I really need to pee, is this normal, will it get better? What am I best doing 


I had the same problem, but unluckily for me it took 5 years to slowly correct itself. Mine wasn't particularly painful when it finally came apart, probably because of the time difference. It hurt a little when it finally separated but not for too long. Again at 14 I had the same thing; nothing comes out at first as far as I know. I'd imagine it's just your body isn't quite ready to ejaculate yet but your libido is already acting up. It takes a couple of months before anything comes out.  That all happened to me 2 years ago and I'm just fine, no problems with anything downstairs. Just make sure now its separated you wash under the head.