What if we could eat junk food with no regret? It looks as if we will be able to do so in the future.
We all known, some more, some less, that fast food is high in fat and calories and that eating too much of it leads to obesity.
Scientists have discovered that if exotic seaweed extracts were added to junk food, we would get healthier junk food.
The seaweed extract, called alginate, could be used to increase the fiber content of pies, burgers, and cakes. This could help decrease number of people suffering from obesity, diabetes, heart problems and diseases such as bowel cancer.
During studies, researchers have found that alginate strengthens the mucus lining of the gut wall, can inhibit digestion and can slow the uptake of nutrients in the body. It is already used in the food industry as a gelling agent and to thicken the frothy head of premium lagers.
Scientists are still examining the properties of two brown-coloured seaweeds called Lessonia and Laminaria, which are found in the Far East, South America and parts of Norway and Scotland. They are processed in the laboratory to produce alginate that can then be added to food to enhance fiber content.