I went to my doctor with the same issues. She told me that she can help my body but as a doctor she does not deal with the mind. I told her I didn't want to be on prescription meds from a shrink, she told me that should never be necessary. She recommended taking vitamin D  and my vitamin B and Folic acid. It has taken over a year for me to really feel change but my anxiety is down, dizzyness, etc.... I also had VERY low iron I was also suplimenting as per my doctor, low iron can cause paranoia, depression,lethargy and abdominal pains, just to mention a few symptoms. Epsom baths help he legs and a clean diet/lifestyle is also key. I am not a doctor, this is only my experience. I hope I helped someone. Just an fyi, if you are low on iron, vitamins and minerals, pot will make you anxious and paranoid until you remedy that, then it can do it's work as intended, to relax and heal. If you google , you will find that drugs, alcohol, prescriptions, cigarettes, carbonated pop and coffee will all steal resources in your body while in there, be it vitamins, minerals or oxygen. What gets taken this way must be replenished because your body needs these things to be healthy. A good example is how prescriptions for antibiotics are good to get rid of sicknesses but it doesn't distinguish between good and bad bacteria in the body. So it is usually recommended to have a course of probiotics once you are done your meds to help replenish your natural intestinal flora to re-balance your intestines. If you are guilty of not eating regularly, I beg you to stop this before it causes you real all over body ills. Your not fat, your worth it, now stop abusing yourself. Everything I mentioned here you can look up on google.