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Please, can anyone provide me with relevant information about vitiligo and the way in which the disease develops in caucasians? I am aware that vitiligo strikes black people way more often than caucasians, but I donćt know why that is so. Could you give me any explanation? Thank you for your help.


Hello there marshal1691.

First of all this is autoimmune disorder and basically this means that your own immune system by mistake exchanges healthy cells and tissue for invaders and it starts to attack your own body. Most of the autoimmune disorders are nasty because for most of them there is no cure. The same situation is with vitiligo.

This disorder usually starts anywhere on the body. In the beginning it looks like small white patches and it can remain unchanged for years. But it can also start spreading after several weeks.

Unfortunately there is no known cause of this condition and furthermore there is no known cure. There are certain therapies which tend to reduce the symptoms but that’s it.