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I have got a question for my boyfriend, who has recently been told that he has got vitiligo. It is only in a few places and not noticeable really, but he doesn't want to talk about it and I was wondering if vitiligo is curable? Or is it there permanently once a patch has developed in a certain area? Thank you!


Hello there tiffany963,

Unfortunately vitiligo is autoimmune disorder and basically means that your boyfriend’s immune system has started to attack healthy tissues and cells in his body because it thinks, by mistake, that those are invaders. This results in small white patches which can occur anywhere on the body. At first they will be small and steady but they can spread in couple of weeks to the other parts of the body. But, also it can happen that there is no change for years. This is depigmentation of the skin and unfortunately there is no cure.

There are some therapies which can relieve the symptoms of vitiligio. Talk with your boyfriend about this because it will not go away.