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Hi i am Smita Ganguli. two year's back i got married and from then i am trying to get pregnant. I neve had any pillls any time, still then i am not getting pregnent. I calculate my period dates every time , and have safe sex in right time. Then also i never get positive answer. Once doctor told me that i have small uterus. So is this the problem for what i am not getting pregnent? Pease help me what to do?



Hi Smita,

If you have been trying to conceive for 2 years now, in North America most women and men would go to the fertility clinic to check on males sperm and your uterus, cervix, tubes, and eggs.  I realize that in your country that may not happen so the best I can tell you is to have sex everyday and as often as possible - this is going to be one sure way to up your chances of having a baby.

I'm not sure of anyways naturally to be more fertile but like I say whether you enjoy or it not have sex all the time.

Good luck and hope this helps