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I am trying to figure out which of the two times my partner and I had sex was actually the time of conception. This is purely for due dates and romantic reasons...I'd like to be able to say I know which time it was. Keep in mind, I have a longer cycle than most women, usually 32-33 days rather than 28.

Anyway, the first day of my last menses was in the evening on July 26 (though I had a little spotting the day before). My partner and I had sex on the evening of August 6th and the morning of August 7th (but he did not ejaculate). Then we had sex again on the evening of August 9th/morning of August 10th, two times in a three hour period. This time he ejaculated both times but it was not inside me, he pulled out.

Obviously, we were not trying to get pregnant...but we have known each other for several years and can make it work. Please help me find out my ovulation and conception dates? I am desperately curious. Today is the first day of my missed period. I just took a test and it is positive.



You really can't determine the exact time of conception that closely. Sperm can live in your body for upwards of 5 days so either time you had sex would work.

If he did not ejaculate on the 6th or 7th though, then it is highly unlikely that it was then. I would expect it would be on the 9th or 10th. Pulling out is not reliable and you did say he ejaculated. Any precum could have carried sperm, especially on the 2nd time that night.

I know my answer was not what you were hoping for. If it was me, I'd probably pick the most romantic of the encounters that I had.

Good luck, keep us posted on your progress please!