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Hello anyone can help me I am trying to get pregnant. I would like to get pregnant real soon. Does anyone have any advice to get pregnant fast, I am having sex every other day to increase my chances of becoming pregnant. Thanks


Hi honey! There are several methods to get pregnant - or add onto the chances of conceiving, so I'll go over those and the basics!

1. You need sperm and an egg!
2. Most women ovulate 14 days before their next period is due! The days around this time is the time to REALLY try! And for you to use a pillow under your buttocks - so when your partner ejaculates, lay that way as long as you can and this will help the sperm get through the cervix - from gravity!
3. Taking prenatal vitamins has been PROVEN to dramatically increase your fertility! They also help with the health of the baby!

4. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol! - and cut down on your coffee - ALL 3 have been shown to dramatically decrease your fertility and that of your partners!

5. Eat healthy, small and often - to keep your blood sugars level - and also drink LOTS of water - to increase your hydration!

6. I always say to NEVER miss an opportunity! ESPECIALLY around the time you notice a twinge in your uterus or side, a heavy discharge, painful lower back - this is signs of ovulation and this is the sign to REALLY try then! BUT some women can' tell if they are ovulating then you need to kind of go by the 14 day before your next period!

And try not to stress about this! As stress has also been proven to decreases your pregnancy hormones! Hope this helps!


Thank You it does if you have anymore info that me know but you pretty well covered it, I didn't know prenatal vitamins increased fertility, I am taking them thanks again