I usually have irregular periods. There were times when I skipped a month or so before I had a new menstrual cycle. Recently, I have normal periods (past two months) around the end of each month. I had sex on the 10th and now it is the 26th. I still haven't had my period, but I feel the cramping around my lower abdomen like an actual cycle.During sex, the guy had on a condom. The condom was really tight on him even though it was a magnum and it didn't have much room around top. When he came, he did one quick and short thrust before he pulled out and checked the condom (as he always does). The condom came off without any leaks or breakage and he threw it away. What freaked us both out were these droplets of white stuff on the sheets and at the base of his penis. I stuck a finger inside of me and there was none on my finger when i pulled it out. We wiped it off and I googled what I saw. Apparently when a girl ovulates, she secretes a white odorless discharge that is a little creamy and slick. Since I was ovulating (it was only a few weeks before my period), I figured it must be that. Though now, I'm freaking out because my period hasn't come yet. My symptoms are the same as an oncoming period, but nothing has come yet. Not even a droplet of blood. I don't have fatigue, bloating, no cravings, no dark ring around my areola (ring around the nipples), no constipation, no mood swings, nor do I go to the bathroom frequently (#1). I'm pretty normal except for the fact that I have menstrual cramping, my breasts are a little sore and there is no period blood.  I've also had a little bit of nausea because of my worrying that I am pregnant. I have a history of panic attacks and paranoia. When I get scared, I shake and I get queasy.

What are my chances of being pregnant? How do I know if the condom broke--wouldn't it have been clear since it was so tight on his penis? Was it really discharge instead of semen on the sheets?