okay so me and my boyfriend had protected sex today he used a condom,  i was due to have my period on the 10th witch is today but i only had pains and no blood, when me and my boyfriend had sex he pulled out before cuming and then took the condom of a cumed on my stomach no where near my vagina, i then touched the sperm and it was all on my hands it was wet and still white and then i touched my vagina on accident like rubbed it with the sperm on it and i never put my finger inside my vagina hall just like by the clip because of the pain ? the sperm was open to air for around 5 mins, later that night when i got home i never went to the toilet or thought of whipping my vagina as i forgot about it, then me and my boyfriend was just messing around and he was rubbing my vagina all the cum that was left in my vagina properly went on to his hand then he put his fingers in my vagina could i be pregnant ?  please help ?