Hi! Me nd my ex had sex may.13 I went to the hospital five days later with a stomach. Ache that. Was so bad I was nauseated blah anyway they tested my pee. The Dr said I wasn't pregnant ..but it could b too early. We used "Pull out method" he wiped himself with a rag nd awhile latrer had sex .i havent had a period since april 22 , usually i get mine between the 16&23 but in may I had sex before those dates nd didn't get my period That month or in june . Then we had sex again june 1 , usually when i havr sex i get mypeiod the next day after i had sex ..if its late that is ,but not this time . So no period in June either nd now its July. And I took a home pregnancy test nd it said negative. Both times we had sex he pulled out came wiped then had sex five minutes later. Could I get pregnant if he didn't wipe all the sperm off himself? I also havent felt any symptoms?? What is up? Could I be pregnant?