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hi there, im 18 years old and been with my boyfriend for over a year now:) i had the implant in a long time being with him and never used nay other contraception, i have had the implant out nearly 3 weeks now as we are trying for a baby. i was supposed to have a period very quikley after my implant got removed. im getting really tired more than usual and sore boobs, back ache, mood swings, eating more but also losing appetite, migranes really bad, feeling sick, belly pains everything! i thought i could be coming on my period but the pains have been happening for 2 weeks now. i really want a baby but keep getting upset to see only one line on my pregnancy tests. they are just cheap one pound ones so im not sure weather its because of that or not but has anyone got any advice on getting pregnant or anything to help me with this information above? im really worried me or my partner cannot conceive. maybe i get myself abit worried and over think things but i expect to be pregnant straight away, i just cant wait! thanks for any many returns it would mean lot... stacey xx


Hi Stacey,

Give your body some time to recover from the implant removal. 

We don't even begin to consider fertility problems until a year has passed without success.  It can take that long.

Your symptoms are NOT specific to pregnancy.  You can test as soon as 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex but use your first morning urine - wakeup urine for the best results.

Good luck.