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Hello. I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time (we were both virgins), and it was unprotected anal sex. I know, we were super stupid for doing that and we will never do it again. It lasted for like 5 to 10 minutes, and I did not ejaculate. Only a bit of pre-ejaculate on her anus. I did not ejaculate prior, and I did urinate a few hours before the actual intercourse. Her last period's first day was on December 10, and we had sex on December 29, so it was more or less three weeks from day one of her cycle. She is expecting her next period to be next week, maybe January 6-7. What are the chances of her getting pregnant? We are both freaking out right now and we will certainly stop doing any more out of the line stuff like this.


I would say your chances are low that she is pregnant. There is still a chance that the sperm in your pre-cum mix with her vaginal fluid and they make their way up, but the probability is low.