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Me and my girlfriends just had sex and she has been on extended birth control like a higher dose. She and I are not virgins. We used a condom but It broke or like the top cut down and slid down my penis. I did not ejaculate and I was not fully inside her vagina. I was maybe a inch or 2 in. She's been standing up and we stopped immediately after it happened she urinated and I've been freaking out ever sence it's been an hour l. Could she get pregnant?


Hi Guest,

Could she get pregnant?  Yes.  With any sexual contact there is a risk.

It is likely?  If you didn't ejaculate then probably not.  Was there precum?  Have you urinated since the last time you ejaculated prior to this?

Without knowing if any sperm got into her vagina we can't say.  There is the chance but it seems unlikely.