So I had sex with this girl and when we was did it I had a condom on but when i did her doggystyle I kept slipping out cuz she was wet and when I put it back and started stroking it the condom broke but I pulled immediately and when I checked it was no sign of semen or precum at all not even on the tip( it was completely closed still like my penis was just a little bit sweaty from the condom ig and then I stopped and started jacking off then I finally came but not inside her tho and checked when I would slip out and there was no sign of semen or precum in the condom not even in the tip and completely attach to me but I shouldn't have to worry though right cuz I didn't *** inside and wouldn't we had felt it go inside especially her like I didn't tenses up when I was in her and if sucked my precum off b4 we had sex