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I am a 14 year old boy and recently I noticed a rapid twitch in my upper right arm below my shoulder. my arm doesn't get flung in any direction when it happens and it doesn't hurt but it just feels strange. It happens like every 30 minutes and will continue to palpitate for about 20 minutes when it happens. It has felt a bit weak lately when I tried to throw a ball. I dont know if that's just becaue I was thinking about it or what... if someone can tell me what this strange rapid pulse under my skin is please tell me. Thanks.


Hello Cameron,

muscle twitching can happen because of various reasons, but the most common are keeping the arm or leg in an unusual position - in this case changing the position should make twitching to go away. Since this is probably not causing your problem, you might be lacking magnesium - taking a magnesium supplement usually helps with cramps and twitching in arms and legs. But if this doesn't help, then the best thing you can do is seeing your physician,

Wish you all the best,