This morning I woke up with a small hard red lump in my pubic region hiding under and among my pubic hairs it doesn't hurt and or itch but feels irritated. I have tried to squeeze and nothing came out as far as I could see and it just got more irritated and redder I've had another bump prior to this one closer to my shaft that was paler and sorta looked like a zit and mistook it for acne cause it had a white head so I tried to pop it and only managed to squeeze the tiny little white head off the white head came back so I did it again and then it just flaked over and healed. But now I am wondering if the red bump I currently have no could some how be connected to the bump I had earlier. Hoping it isn't anything serious. PS: I have also had pain at left tip of penis glans that comes and goes and first started at is just a mild uncomfortable feelings but it's been happening since before I even lost my virginity but I've also had burning while urinating and yellow cloudy urine but I just took it for dehydration since I don't feel like peeing all the time and I still pee normally as well as when I drink lots of water and get really hydrated the yellowness and cloudiness goes away as well as the burning pain