Umm... i don't know how to put this... i have a bump at the top of my pubic area... it's like a ball beneath the skin... and i thought at first it was a reallyweird, really big pimple, because i tried to pop it and a large ammount of puss came out... but i squeezed it harder to get it all out and alot blood squirted (long range lol)... I have no idea what it is. It shrunk in size after it popped but it's still pretty big and now it's bruised... i've had this before (i think in the same spot) but it went away for a while. I'm a guy, if that makes a difference, i wouldn't know.
So my questions are
what is it?
what do i have to do to make it go away?
So yeah, thanks for your help. I thought i'd ask a health site before i went to the doctor (that would be extremely embaressing).