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Im 16 and I just shaved my pubic hair but in the morning when I woke up i saw little red bumps and little tiny white heads that u can barely see but only up close. I dont think I have STD's cause I shower almost twice everyday and its only in the pubic area not the shaft or head of the penis. Ive been putting Zinc Oxide on it because thats what helped me for my eczeema when I was little. IDK if its razor burn or razor bumps. Im not shaving for a while because I dont want to irritate it at all because it is only itchy and not real painful unless I scrath it. Is it good to use zinc oxide and not shave it OR is there anything else I can do to make it better? What do I have? (BTW: If it helps to know I have sensitive skin)


It could be your hair follicles because irritated and infected.  I would keep the area clean and dry.  The zinc oxide might make the problem worse, plugging up the hair follicles and keeping them from healing.  I wouldn't shave anymore until your skin heals up.  You could put something to help with the itching if it is a lotion.  Next time you shave, make sure you use a shaving gel to help prevent razor cuts.  Be sure to change your razor often to prevent shaving with a dull blade.  I hope this helps! Does anyone else have any ideas to offer?