I know what I'll write may sound ridiculous and getting worried because of what happened may be useless, but we are both scared on his period being about 3 days delayed. I'll put you in context: We both lost our virginity about a month ago. Her hymen broke, there was blood, it happened. The thing was that the hymen was not the only thing that broke, the condome did too. Since it was our first time, we got really nervous (I did not cum, but precum was present (I researched on this yesterday and it looks like precum only has dead sperm)) so we decided not to defy our odds, so my gf took a morning after pill. Her next period was delayed about 4 or 5 days, but I understand this might have been due to the pill or (according to a friend of hers) to the broken hymen.

So there's that. Now, two weeks ago we were messing around and decided to go for a quick anal, but being the inexperienced people we are, and since we were quite in a hurry, I could not penetrate her, but there was precum all over the zone. I'm quite sure that I didn't penetrate, i didn't cum.

My question is: If I didn't penetrate her (not anal nor vaginal) and there was no actual cum present, why is her period delayed for about 4 days now? Is it normal for the current period to be delayed if the previous period was delayed? Is it possible that it's still the pill's fault?

PD. School has been a bit tough recently, so she might have been stressed during the past days. I thought I should mention it since stress can also delay period.