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i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant and took the abortion pill right away at 5 weeks on may 18. i blead for a week and stopped on may 25. i was told not to have any sexual intercourse, or insert anything in my vaginal area to prevent infection. i went for my follow up and everythin went great. i took a pregnancy test on june 1, 3 weeks after abortion, and showed negative.
now im tryin to get pregnant again and on june 3,4,and 5, i been having unprotected sex tryin to conceive again.i really regret my first pregnancy and i am tryin to get pregnant again. i have been told that after an abortion we seem to be highly fertile. since yesterday mornin i been feeling weird i have slight cramps and white/yellowish discharge. yet no bleeding. could this be inplantation or what could be the cause of my cramps? what are my chances of gettin pregnant if i continue to have unprotected sex.?

--i also took a pregnancy test today and showed negative beacuse i know is to soon to show.


it will happen sooner or later.. just hang in there!