How do you know after an abortion if your period is about to come on, when it's just normal ovulation, or if you're pregnant? I took the pill for an abortion around April 20th gir complication reasons and I bled for about 2 weeks in a half. Now, June 13th, I'm currently having symptoms I would have when it's time for my period but it's taking long. Three important things is that 1st: I had unprotected sex after the bleeding stopped, April 28th, May19th, and June 1st. 2nd: I've been going back and forth to the doctor to check the decrease of my HCG levels since the abortion was complete but high levels were still being detected. 3rd: Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it come out negative so that's a good sign that my HGC levels have now gone down and hoping it continues to mean I'm not pregnant. But now I'm nervous on if I just took the test too early, if my period is about to come on soon, or if I'm just having symptoms but my body isn't fully healed for a period yet. Can anyone help me here??