So my boyfriend and I had sex the 2nd week of December. Even though we used protection and it didn't break, he wanted to be extremely careful so I took a Plan B an hour afterwards. I have a pretty regular period give or take a day or two. My period started the 1st of December so my fertile time would have been around December 14th. We had unprotected sex for less than a minute a 3 days after that and a week after taking Plan B. He put a spermicide condom on after about 30 seconds. I know there's a tiny chance that you can get pregnant from pre ***. Plan B messes up the cycle so literally minutes before we had sex that last time, my period started. I had the period for 2 weeks straight and it was the heaviest it has ever been. What's the chance of me being pregnant? I'm not too worried about it, but I just want to know the chances.