Severe back pain between shoulder blades and bad digestive issues. 6.5 years ago I needed a hyesterectomy due to pain and fibroids and cysts. A few months later I started have severe digestive issues. My stomach would blow up so big I looked 6 months pregnant. I was nauseated after eating almost anything and had severe acid as well. They checked for ulcers but found nothing. I lost 30 pounds before they found my gallbladder was very full of gallstones. I had it removed in 2015 and felt some relief..but it didn’t last. My mid back started hurting so terribly, I honestly couldn’t stay upright. I didn’t associate that with my stomach issues because they were not happening at the same time. I had several mris on my cervical and thoracic spine. They found several herniated disks and I just assumed that was the cause of my back pain. I took physical therapy and after around 3 months it just seemed to go away in my back. Then the headaches started... severe headaches like I’d never had... normal ipuprophen wouldn’t touch them. I wound up taking a prescription medication for a few months then started having bad side effects and had to stop. I was terrified to come off the me, but Amazingly when I did, no headaches returned. But then my stomach issues started again. Honestly I know I’ve spent thousands of dollars on drs and homeopathic herbs and advice or..just anything to try to understand this. I started probiotics (helps some) when I’d have a flare up.. stopped coffee, no alcohol for many years now. I’ve changed my whole diet...I’m gluten and sugar free. I eat no processed food whatsoever. That helps for maybe a week or a few days at a time sometimes. I’ve lost 15 pounds in the past six weeks... I just can’t eat. My stomach goes into a tight cramp that won’t let up...I have severe bloating and constipation. I honestly can’t even go anymore with a laxitive or something to help, even though I’m drinking a lot of water. For the past couple of weeks I’ve tried magnesium and that’s helped but the stomach and back issues are killing me. As I write this right now my stomach is in a tight cramped ball and it feels like someone is sticking a knife right between my shoulder blades...that’s how sharp the pain is. I know it sound ridiculous, but now that I’m having both issues together...I realize that it’s the same issue causing both!!! Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking a small dose of synthroid, but that’s all I take except for just trying to ease this cramping and nausea. The synthroid has helped my black hopeless mood ...but otherwise...I just can’t go on like this. Does anyone have an answer?