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for the last few months I’ve been experiencing almost constant dull pain in my left shoulder blade. I didn’t have any injuries that could have caused it, and the pain can sometimes get so strong to the point where I can’t sleep at night. I’m currently uninsured, so that’s why I’ve been looking for answers online, but some of them scared me even more - most articles seem to link this type of shoulder blade pain with possibility of lung cancer. I’m female, 30, never smoked - how big are the chances that I’m experiencing this shoulder pain because of lung cancer?

Thanks for your replies


I've had the same problem for a few years now. I've been to Phisiotherapy where they said I've most likey had an impact where my ribs have been moved and are pushing into my spine? The best answer I can give you is it's most likely from strenuous exercise and it's very hard to get rid of once you get it. My study on this is that most people have taken up a new form of exercise such as running, cycling or swimming when our muscles weren't ready for it I guess. This pain for me is just under my left shoulder blade and doesn't hurt if I am relaxed all day but if I do exercise it will hurt a few short hours later once I am relaxed again.