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Girls, I hope that you can help me, or at least be on my side :) LOL.

So, I am fighting with my brother for days now :) He is bodybuilder, extremely good looking, he dedicated his whole life to this. Since he started this, five years ago, he was using just one supplement – Tonalin CLA.

I was reading some good and positive comments about this supplement, and I asked him some questions about this, because maybe I will use it as well. He was so against it. His argument was that this weight loss supplement is only for bodybuilders. I told him that he doesn’t have a clue, but I am not even sure am I right :) LOL.

Can you tell me is Tonalin CLA weight loss supplement only for bodybuilders?

Please, help me win this bet with him :) 


Good day,

Well, I think it is time that you win this bet! This is absurd! I never heard this before. Tonalin CLA weight loss supplement is for EVERY person who has problems with weight. Of course, some body builders prefer it because it is safe for them, but it is not true that you can’t use it as well – even if you are not a body builder.

My friend Phillipa was using Tonalin CLA for weight loss, and she lost nearly 20 kilograms for three months. That is success. She was on some low carb diet at the same time as well. You need to find perfect balance between some diet program and diet pills.

But, you can use Tonalin CLA, those are a facts.

Please, don't forget me when you get your bet award :) 




Hey ladies,

I hope that you don’t mind if I join this conversation.

I am professional body builder since I was 15 years old. Since that day, in the circle of all those body builders, I know how Tonalin CLA weight loss supplement can be a good thing for us. It is full of omega 6 and like that one it works great with our muscles. Also, CLA is potent anti – oxidant and anti – carcinogen, and it also has a very powerful immune system enhancer. Some of the common accolades of CLA are assistance in fat burning, building and retention of lean muscles.

That is why we use it. It works well for us. Now, I am not saying that you ladies can’t use this one as well, but I think that you need to find other weight loss supplement on the market.

Leave this one to us