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Good day all,

My sister has her big day – not her wedding, but her 30 birthday. Now, you are probably wondering why this big day is for her. Well, she found out that her husband is preparing a big surprise for her – a pool party! Now, none of us is not a big fun of it, because in our family we are all pretty much fat. She is so excited because she found out that some television and some private photographer will be there.

To cut long story short, she needs to lose her weight – soon. We were looking for something that can be a good idea, and we found a lot of amazing things about Mancore.

My question is – can you really lose weight with Mancore weight loss supplement?


It is actually a total fat burner, so it can help you get rid of your fat. But, at the beginning, I have to say that I believe that this is a really bad idea, because Mancore is designed for men. I believe that this is not something that she wants to use now, am I right?
I am a guy and I was using this weight loss supplement and I was surprised how fast you can lose your fat and your pounds, but once again, it is designed for man, just like you can find out from the name of it.
Sorry, but I think that the best option is to see something else.
And, good luck!



I don’t understand when some folks just read something, that some weight loss supplement is effective and good for weight loss, without trying this one. The same situation is with your sister. How can she even consider to use this, when it is obviously that this one is for man?

So, if she really wants to lose her pounds for that big day, the best option is to see some nutrition guy who knows a lot about it and who can help her.

It is a pretty long process and she needs help. And of course, some good diet pills that can help her.

This can’t be her option!