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Hello folks,

I have one maybe question, maybe it is weird, maybe it is not, I don’t know :) I am planning to use Tonalin CLA, because I have learned a lot of positive things in the past few days about it. I told this to my husband, and he started to laugh :) Really, really loud :D

At first, I was really mad, but later he told me that he imagined me like a huge bodybuilder with a lot of muscles. According to him and his friends, Tonalin CLA is not going to help me just lose my pounds! No! I will gain muscle mass along with weight loss! I really don’t want that!

Can you please tell me is that true?

Thank you! 


Hey there,

Guys .. :) That is all I can say in this post lol :)

Joke a side, you really can gain muscle mass along with weight loss while you are using Tonalin CLA. That is one reason why this supplement is one of the favorite in the bodybuilder’s world :) I think this is the best explanation.

The reason is that it has some ingredient that can help your muscle mass to grow :) Now, first you need to do is lose your weight, and then if you want you can build your muscle mass, but not before that. Just imagine yourself fat with muscles. Not nice, at all :)

Good luck! 



Good day all,

Yes, sure you can! I never believed in those pills too much, but I have to say that they really are helpful. Now, every pills works at very similar way – they can help you lose your weight and then you can gain some muscles.

This happened to my sister :) She wanted so desperately to lose her pounds and she started to lose some of them, but very soon shes gain some muscles and she was looking pretty ugly :) She was using Tonalin CLA, because of her boyfriend is bodybuilder and he was using those as well :) She saw that he is using them and she started to use them as well :)

So, I want to say that you need to be very careful when it comes about those pills.