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Hey people,

I was in some pretty rough discussion a few days ago. We were at some business dinner and it was mixed company. So, we started to talk about weight loss pills and weight supplements,  because my friend and I just wanted to hear what guys think about this subject. I remember that one of my friends were talking that every diet pill and supplement is designed for guys and girls as well. One from the boys at this dinner told us that this is totally wrong, and that some diet pills are designed for women only – one of those supplements are Estrolean weight loss supplement.

Is this true, is Estrolean weight loss supplement manufactured for women only? 


Good day there

Your buddy has a point. EstroLean weight loss supplement is designed for women only and it is designed to help only women to lose their weight. It is not for the boys. The main reason is that the main ingredient is phyto – estrogen, and this is powerful substance that actually helps women to restore hormonal balance in their bodies. That is why it is not mean to be used by guys at all.

Boys should use something different, other weight loss supplement that is designed for them only.

It is very easy :)

Have a nice day! 



Good day all,

So I am smarter for one thing now :) Now I can see why I never was able to lose my unwanted pounds while I was using estrolean weight loss supplement lol :) I remember that this was in April two years ago. I gained some extra pounds, and I have decide to use something to stop this, because it was bothering me. I went to the pharmacy store and I bought Estrolean weight loss supplement. I was using it for three months, and I was feeling a little bit weird :) And, of course, nothing happened. Now I know why that is.

Thank you so much, I will never make the same mistake :) LOL