Ok so Yesterday I took Plan B around 9ish. I know its ok to take both ifyour body can handle it...plus I have taken it 3 times before. I guess I have a couple of questions:

1. I took the plan B in october and I got my period 2 weeks later. Then I didnt get it for another month and a half until december 1st and it ended on the 5th...I had unprotected sex the next day (which supposedly you don't get pregnant right after) but I havent had my period....Its been over 3 weeks now and I have taken 5 pregnancy test (3 clearblue digital and 2 first response) ALL NEGATIVE. Whats going on?

2. Again I had unprotected sex (keep in mind that i havent gotten my period and negative pregnancy tests) again I decided to take the plan B which brings me back to the very top of this question. I took it around 9ish and this morning I took a very strong diet pill that is illegal here in the U.S. but is sold in Mexico....I took it this morning and I feel real faint. Does the different hormones in each pill clash? what can go wrong? I tried calling a medic but he didnt have any answers and I dont have an appointment until next week! can someone please help me