i recently went to a rave and believe i was drugged and I'm just trying to figure out what i was given, at first i thought it could be acid but some of the descriptions people have given don't seem to match up. I didn't experience any change of color or scenario everyone just seemed really screwed up and it seem as people around me were given a truth serum and everyone started to tell the truth i felt like i was fine and acting normal but how people were reacting to me didn't match up i felt like i was stuck in a parallel univers and no one could understand me even though i was convince i was acting and talking normal. the next day wen i finally felt a bit better i notice that under my eyes as well as my temples smelled like acid and after i washed it of i felt better even though at times i felt out of it. If anyone has ever felt like this or knows what this could possible be i would really appreciate the help thanks.