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Hi there fellow sufferers of what has to be the most barbaric and horrendous experience of my whole life.

Day 10 and I am seriously losing the will to live. I'm 27 and actually going insane.

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I have read all these posts pre-op and now post and it's great but would be nice to go on the instant messenger and share this with someone who gets it instead of my family who I am sure are truly fed up of me now.

I had mine out on 29th May at 2:30pm and woke up feeling sore but fine. Managed a meal, a cup of tea, and was discharged at 7pm.

By 9:30pm the same night I was back in hospital after losing nearly 2 litres of blood. It was horrendous. The blood clot was blocking my airway, I had oxygen tubes up my nose and my body went into shock with me convulsing everywhere just as the doctors were trying to put the IV needle in my hand. I was drip fed in both hands for the next two days and kept in for observation whilst my blood count was still low and my risk of a further bleed was still high. During this time although I was very scared and upset the pain was fine. I had a great time in hospital looking after the old ladies on my ward and watching lots of TV. I wasn't in much pain and so when I was discharged and there was a heatwave I was like 'Yeah let's go to the beach'.

Bad move. 15 minutes in a hot car on the way home and I started going dizzy. No beach for me that day. The next couple of days were hard work but OK. I was eating OK - mainly yoghurts, ice cream, ice lollies, chips, soup, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs. My throat was a little sore but I just felt so tired and mainly slept.

Tuesday morning (day 5) I woke up at 6am in pain but after some paracetamol and diclofenac felt fine. Cleaned the house, did the washing, cooked my husband an amazing dinner in the slow cooker and felt fab. I couldn't eat and felt a bit sick and I even contemplated going to the gym but thought better of it. That night I felt 'wired' and could not sleep no matter what I did. My soluble paracetamol also contained codeiene so I can only presume it was this that was keeping me up. I came on here, read all the posts! Wrote letters to grandparents, sorted out the bills and paperwork, started doing my tax return. It was mad!

So wednesday (day 6) came and the pain in my ears started with a bang. I could not move, could not eat, could not smile, could not laugh, could not cough and don't even get me started on crying. When I cried my nose blocked up and when I tried to blow my nose I cried. Everytime i cried and opened my mouth i thought the back of my throat would tear in two. It was horrendous.
Wednesday night, no sleep whatsoever yet again. Spent the time pacing, rocking, reading this forum, deep breathing and trying not to wake my already knackered and fed up husband. I found that if I ground my back teeth together really hard whilst pressing my fingers in my ears with as much force as possible the ear pain would go. It was brilliant, the best ever pain relief. However, I have cracked two of my back teeth doing this and the dental bill is going to be big!

Thursday (day 7) I had been up for 48 hours and felt OK. My parents (who have been on holiday during this whole silly farce) arrived back in the UK and were so worried they came straight to my house to see me. I was very teary about everything which in turn caused more pain but on the whole I was not too bad. Ironically, they started to feel the effects of jet lag so I put them to bed and tried to have a lie down myself. No such luck. So there I was again wide awake whilst my parents slept for hours in my spare room! I was so jealous. Did a bit of work, rang my bosses and told them I was tired but OK so 'send me more work!' and plodded on.
That evening I had not eaten for 3 days by this point so was quite weak. My husband bought me some fish and chips knowing it would be hard for me to resist and i tried to eat it. With every swallow I cried out in pain but I kept going through the tears. I nearly stabbed myself in my thigh when the pain was that bad at one point but hubby quickly removed the knife from my hand and we abandoned the fish and chip supper. The ear pain became so intense I rolled up a tea towel and bit down on it for ages to try and take away the pain. Because I did this, my mouth quickly dried up as well as my throat and it felt like I had a golf ball lodged in the back of my gob. Every time I tried to swallow, even just my own saliva I would cry out in pain. My throat had gone a greeny/yellow colour by now and I was worried that it had got infected.
By 3am I was in so much agony I was delirious and confused. I was screaming, moaning, rocking, pacing everywhere and hysterical. My husband had had enough so we went to the hospital to see what the hell we could do.
When I got there i was biting down on my hands and drew blood so the triage nurses gave me some soluble co-codamol. I couldn't even get this down. With every swallow I was in intense pain and I screamed the place down. The doctors looked at me like I was some freaky little drama queen and one staff nurse told me I should 'try drinking coca cola'!!!!! Was she insane?!!! Now I am a tough cookie with a very high pain threshold. Before this week I've only ever had one day off work sick and that was for a hospital visit. I am a martyr when it comes to being ill and I don't do this whole moping around business. Trying to explain this to emergency doctors is like plaiting poo though and I just felt stupid and pathetic. I was put on a drip again (my poor veins!), had blood taken and my blood pressure monitored every hour.
Finally, 11 hours after I had arrived at the hospital an ENT doctor came to see me and said 'you have infection' 'i give antibiotics'. Really? You're joking?! I've waited 11 hours to be told something I knew anyway?!! I asked about the ear pain and he just told me it was normal and I'd probably have it for a few weeks. Please jesus no!

So Friday, day 8 I got out of hospital in the afternoon and went home with my antibiotics and some co-codamol to go with my supply of diclofenac and dihydrocodeine. I planned out a timetable for my medicine but to no avail. I was convulsing again by the evening with the pain and I was sick too. Unfortunately my husband's nan was here visiting at the time of my ear pain attack and she witnessed a string of colourful language come from my mouth. I think I am written out of the will. She looked shocked to say the least!
I started to get really bad pains in my left side probably from the medication and the diarrhea started too. i also started slurring my words really badly (people from England think Kerry Katona on 'This Morning' mixed with Spencer off Hollyoaks) which I found very very odd.
Finally, at midnight 90 hours after being awake straight I fell into a lovely deep sleep. I woke a few times but kept taking the medication and got 14 hours under my belt.

Saturday - I was in intense pain when I awoke at 2pm and my painkillers didn't seem to be working. My Mum came over to stay and brought with her some of my aunty's medication for her back pain - Tramadol. Now normally I wouldn't have allowed this. I never take other people's medicines but I was out of my mind with the pain. About 20 minutes after taking this though and the sensation was lovely. I was calm and happy. Got to bed about 1am but awoke at 4am for good.

It is now 7am and I have been reading all these posts for the past couple of hours again (just to remind myself that I AM normal, I am not a hypercondriac and that there are others out there having a tough time too).

If you have got this far, thank you for reading. I know it is long but typing it all out helps take my mind off the pain once again.

At this moment in time I am wishing I never had it done. Hopefully in a few days I won't be saying that. I know before I had my operation I was really really nervous. A few of my friends have had this done in the past year and all they said before the op was 'Ooh Gem, it's so painful. Worst op ever' and that was about it. Now I am here a week later they're all like 'yeah sorry mate, we didn't want to tell you the whole truth cuz you'd have cancelled the op!'. I wish they had, that way I might have been mentally prepared for this. I honestly thought I was going to have a lovely 2 weeks off work, going to the gym, shopping, lunching with friends. NO WAY. Not at all. I think if it continues I won't be going back to work next Monday and I really need and want to.

Good luck out there if you are going for this op. I know it's not nice to read horror stories but I wish I had been more informed.

If anyone wants to be tonsillectomy pain friends get in touch.

Sending you all get well soon vibes

Gemma x


Ok so about a year an a half ago I had my tonsils out after suffering with a little over a year of chronic tonsillitis. I literally had it twice a month. I lived on antibiotics and could hardly eat because my tonsils were so large that the touched when I laid down, I even woke up a few times because I had stopped breathing because they were so large.

Now with all that said I was SO excited to hear the doctor say that they wanted to take my tonsils out. I head from a few people that it wasn't that bad but ONE person told me the truth. He said "It was the MOST horrible thing ever." Even going into surgery knowing that it was going to suck could not prepare me for the pain that would soon follow. As soon as I woke up I was gasping for air, they had to put the oxygen mask on me because I was coughing and couldn't catch my breath. Finally I made it to the recovery room where I was very much out of it. My mom was there to take me home and claims we were in recovery for about three hours, in my time it was almost an hour but no longer lol. Recovery was ok, I was already in a lot of pain and feeling sick from the anesthesia but the IV pain killers they gave me kept me happy.

Finally I was home... I did not sleep for a few days. I sat in my bed miserable and cried all night because I was jealous that everyone was asleep. I was not able to swallow ANYTHING (not even my saliva) for THREE days. I had to spit everything out. I was actually given antibiotics to avoid infection which was nice but hurt like hell to take. I was at work one week from my surgery date later. I WAS FURIOUS. I was told I had to go into work because everyone else had taken the day off (it was right after Christmas). I hardly made it through the day, I was on the verge of passing out the entire time due to not being able to eat or sleep well. Needless to say I quit shortly thereafter. I'm still VERY bitter about it though. Christmas was 5 days after my surgery, I was not able to eat... it was miserable sitting at the dinner table watching everyone eat :-( Basically two weeks after the surgery I was OK, not good yet but definitely feeling more alive and less like wanting to die.

Your experience is WAY worse than mine and I wish I could do something to help because I know how incredibly miserable this procedure and recovery really is. I hope that you are able to sleep soon and that you will also be able to eat soon as well! Just know that if i had to do it all over again I WOULD. As horrid as the entire thing was I do not regret it one bit. I'm not sure your reasons for getting them removed but my health is much improved and I was only sick ONCE last year! I hope that soon you will be able to look back and be happy you did this!!



I wrote the above post almost 4 years ago. I had forgotten just how brutal the recovery was and this post brought it all back.

I just wanted to reassure those who read it before having a tonsillectomy that even though this was the worst pain I have ever experienced (and I was in labour for 3 days with my son since this!) it was the best decision.

Since my recovery I have has a mild sore throat once or twice. No debilitating tonsillitis that floors you for days. My health has been brilliant and I am so glad I had my tonsillectomy.

One word of advice - time your medication and space it out so that you are always covered in those first couple of weeks. I now realise this is where I was going wrong. I was waiting for the pain to hit before taking my tablets and then they would take an hour to kick in, by which time I was climbing the walls. My mum set alarms for me on my phone to make sure I took something every 4 hours.

Good luck! It's worth it!