I started having unprotected sex with my new partner. We have been tested for STDs but I did mention to the doctor I may have BV. I have no STDs and had antibiotics and thrush treatment and nothing works. What is it? I have these symptoms 1. First week green discharge very itchy and swollen vagina and clit and labia lips. 2. 2nd week I had BV mino tablets it didn't work 3. 3rd week still the same but yellow discharge and the same symptoms itchy sore burning 4. 4th week some days yellow discharge then white discharge 1 day of relief and then back to yellow discharge. 5. Week white discharge still itchy and swollen, eating more greens and good bacteria tablets and plain yogurt. Still flat ups. I can't wear jeans or anything down below have to go commando alot and I pee alot but am peeing more and more and am very sore. It is impeding in all my life I can't sit or walk to long as it rubs. I had to force to see my GUM clinic. Can anyone help.