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I went to the doctor and he said I have a high protein level in my liver, what does in cause this illness, and how can I get it right again. My protein level is 5.8 instead of 5.2 as normal


Hey cyntia


Many different things can cause abnormally high protein levels such as viral hepatitis, heart failure, inherited liver diseases, fatty liver- fat build –up in liver cells, liver inflammation from medications and certain herbs and excessive alcohol intake. So if you can find some of the things you thing have caused your increased level of liver proteins (for example alcohol or certain medications) inform your doctor about this and try to avoid it if you can.

Liver is very important organ which does so many important functions in our body like storing the fuel which makes our body going. It also helps to remove poisons and toxins from the body which we are taking voluntarily in most of the cases. Talk to your doctor what is the best option to keep protein levels normal.