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Hi I'm Matty.

Well I need help from everyone here to understand what's wrong with me, as I can't think straight, keep worrying and need someone else's view on my problems.

Well I'll try to keep a long story short, but five days ago I smoked some weed from a sheesha over my friends, I haven't smoked weed much really, around fives sessions in past few months, some were only a few tokes, once I shared quite a few joints(which I 'whiteyed' from) But this time on the sheesha, I guess I had too much in a short amount of time? My heart was racing, and I probably felt good for about 5 or 10 minutes before I had some sort of bad trip and started to panic and guess I had a really bad panic attack. I paced around the back garden of my friends house, trying to feel better, but felt lost like in a parallel world. Thought I was going mad or dying at one point.

But my main concern is now, I don't feel right. The next day from that night I felt okayish until I got home, I had a few, very small panic attacks, like seconds. Just a burst of fear in me. But haven't really had panic attacks since. But I'm constantly worried as I don't feel right anymore. I feel confused, cloudy minded. Abit like I'm constantly day dreaming and can't help it. I can't concentrate, feel lost or abit unreal. Don't feel my usual self. I think back before I did that weed that night and want it back so much, I regret doing the weed so much. I feel scared that I'll be like this forever. It's ruined my daily life so far, I spend most days over thinking the events of that night and what's happening to me now. I can't say I've thought about much else really? I've tried playing games, watching films, even gone out and about. Which has helped at times but then sometimes doesn't. The thinking becomes too powerful again and I can't cope. It feels like I keep trying to bring myself back to reality.

But I'm confused what's actually wrong with me, I'm scared I have some mental problem. Then I think maybe I'm just having bad anxiety? Maybe that panic attack triggered an axiety problem for me?

So I was hoping people here that understand this more, could maybe ask me a load of questions that I can answer to from how I'm feeling or what's happened? And people can help piece together what's up with me? Just ask as many questions and I will answer them all.




Hi Matty

This is kamila. Look everyone has a different reaction to weed .
some people get chill , others paranoid , others get attacks , ect.

This time it really kicked in . I dont think you have a mental health problem .
I think you need to lay off the weed. If you feel this bad about it , its also your conscience . Along the line( as time goes by ) people keep smoking weed , and there reactions change .
Like for ex and alcoholic at first his all happy getting drunk and then he gets attacks ( I AM NOT SAYING YOUR A DRUG ADDICT)
im just saying that is your reaction.

Be thank full it happened soon instead of later , and know you know better. Also FORGIVE YOURSELF <3.
your only going to feel bad about it as long as your suppose to , but dont hold on to it.

Some of the common side effects of marijuana are:

Trouble remembering things
Altered time perception

there are marijuana side effects that alter the brain also. These types of side effects are usually associated with brain disorders. If anyone would have an effect below that they cannot control, they are not recommended to smoke or ingest marijuana.

Anxiety and panic
Altered libido Possible suicidal ideation
Poor sense of time
Worsened short-term memory
Addictive behaviors
Amotivational syndrome

If you see this is happening to you . Stop smoking, and be happy you noticed this sooner . Forgive yourself and move on.


hey matty,

i know you posted this over a year ago, and i dont know if you'll even see this message, but i just wanted to know how you're feeling now?

my name's gemma and last summer i went through something that sounds incredibly similar to this. i feel im ok now, i do have quite a long story though lol... i started writing it out here but realised i was just going on and on! but im curious to know if you feel you've made an improvement in the way you think and feel about yourself and your life since this incident, i know i have but its taken a good while.

if you still check this or whatever and are still interested, let me know and we can chat some more :)

best wishes xxxx